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Str. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Nr. 2, 300006, Timisoara, Timis

Demand oriented

We have always strived to do things on time, with great openness to the new and the bold. We have strived for stability, combining cutting edge services and technology with products that boost the message and impact of communication. We have strived for variety, delivering opportunities for business optimization and integrating challenges in a quest for change and evolution. We have strived for both quantitative and qualitative growth, making our services indispensable to our clients. And we succeeded...

Looking into the Future

We succeeded in shaping the research and the discoveries from the begginings, in 2004, till nowadays, we enriched our activity being recognized as one of the most known producers, importers and distributors of printing devices as inkjet and laser printers. We succeeded in developping our own brand – Sky Print - which imposes strict standards on the market and which is also a complex combination of the best products, from the best suppliers/producers.  learn more

A Full Service List

In a ever changing world Sky Group is focusing the knowledge in the right direction, one of implementing strategies in concordance with what our clients expect and deserve. We think about new desires of image, color, resolution and confort in the accomplished applications. When we talk about printer consumables we think about bright and stable image, excellent saturation of colors and serious quality, these being the core principles that guide our actions.

Compatibile Products

Beceause we know that the difference holds in the advantages and facilitions of a product, we offer you consumables compatible with all cartridge brands, both laser and inkjet ones.

Distribution Network

Sky Group offers since 2004 its professionalism and its knowledge in a domain in which the competition is growing every day. By promoting products that meet the highest quality standards, Sky Group managed to make solid business connections with a large number of companies. By doing this Sky Group has a distribution area that covers the entire country and has plans to expand, stimulating new business initiatives and ideas, consolidating its position of a leader in the consumables market....  click here

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