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Phone: 0256-274.839 / Fax: 0256-274.790
Superba Street 3, 307160 Timisoara - Dumbravita


Address: Superba Street 3, 307160
Timisoara - Dumbravita area
Phone: +4-0256-274.839 / Fax: +4-0256-274.790
RDS: +4-0356-100.800
Fiscal Code: R 16365631;
Commerce Reg Code: J35/1199/2004
Bank Account: RO60BACX0000000875073000
Social Capital: 667.000 RON

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Compatibile Products

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Beceause we know that the difference holds in the advantages and facilitions of a product, we offer you consumables compatible with all cartridge brands, both laser and inkjet ones.


If you like to communicate ideas, exchange experiences and learn as many things as possible in consumables products field, we offer you the chance to develop these skills. Email us your CV here

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If you consider yourself a player in the consumables market and you want to make a contribution towards the promotion of the products destined to an optimum print... click here

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