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Str. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Nr. 2, 300006, Timisoara, Timis

About Us

We succeeded in shaping the research and the discoveries from the begginings, in 2004, till nowadays,we enriched our activity being recognized as one of the most known producers, importers and distributors of printing devices as inkjet and laser printers. We succeeded in developping our own brand – Sky Print - which imposes strict standards on the market and which is also a complex combination of the best products, from the best suppliers/producers.

We succeeded in creating a strong business relationship with Europe and Asia (Static Control Components, AEG Elektrofotografie GmbH, Skyhorse, etc), in becoming market leaders through the sellings realized in the public licitations organized in S.E.A., through innovation and dynamism, aiming our resources towards the fulfilment of demands for safety, confort and quality imposed by our field activity. We succeeded in being there, where the unique, reachable, efficient solutions are required, but also original products able to create an exclusive image in a world full of changes.

2004    307.051 RON  
2005    1.506.002 RON  
2006    2.467.509 RON  
2007    5.731.424 RON  
2008    8.000.000 RON  
2009    11.000.000 RON  
2010    9.189.432 RON  
2011    10.031.738 RON  
2012    11.608.588 RON  
2013    15.176.396 RON  
2014    19.192.266 RON  
2015    23.415.300 RON  
2016    26.448.129 RON  

Compatibile Products

Beceause we know that the difference holds in the advantages and facilitions of a product, we offer you consumables compatible with all cartridge brands, both laser and inkjet ones.


If you like to communicate ideas, exchange experiences and learn as many things as possible in consumables products field, we offer you the chance to develop these skills. Email us your CV here

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If you consider yourself a player in the consumables market and you want to make a contribution towards the promotion of the products destined to an optimum print... click here

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